Allow image version to be passed in image name line

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jowan sebastian
created an issue

Regarding the post :

I think is would be very good for maintaining multiple projects that use the same hosted image, for the version to set and passed via a repo environment variable.

To me, this makes sense, as you don't always want to use :lastest as after an image has been updated you probably want to manually update those projects you want updating, and leave those you don't as they are.

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  1. Aneita Yang

    Hey @jowan sebastian,

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion. I can see why this would be a valuable feature to have in Pipelines. We're currently tracking this feature request on issue #13014 - I encourage you to vote for / watch that ticket if it's something that you're interested in seeing.

    The feature request is still under consideration for future work, but not something we have scheduled right now given our current priorities.


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