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Issue #18523 resolved
Subin Mathew created an issue

We are seeing issues creating webhooks with Bitbucket due to what appears to be a recent change in API response. There have been no known changes from our end and this functionality seems to be broken as of 4/12.

Existing webhooks are not affected. However, new webhook registration is returning very different response payload causing the integration to fail.

Response payload before:

{"read_only": null, "description": "Local sent Create Webhook call", "links": {"self": {"href": "<user>/<repo>/hooks/%7777777777-1111-4444-bbbb-11111111111%7D"}}, "url": "", "created_at": "2018-08-20T00:14:18.534471Z", "skip_cert_verification": false, "source": null, "active": true, "subject": {"links": {"self": {"href": "<user>/<repo>;"}, "html": {"href": "<user>/<repo>;"}, "avatar": {"href": ""}}, "type": "repository", "name": "...", "full_name": "../....", "uuid": "{...}"}, "type": "webhook_subscription", "events": ["issue:updated", "issue:created", "repo:push"], "uuid": "{....}"}

Response payload now:

{"jwt_audience": null, "read_only": null, "description": "...", "url": "...", "created_at": "2019-04-12T22:51:08.792656Z", "secret": null, "uuid": "...", "skip_cert_verification": false, "source": null, "creator_id": "8...", "history_enabled": false, "active": true, "subject_key": "repository:...", "jwt_qsh_baseurl": null, "source_id": null, "events": ["pullrequest:updated", "pullrequest:created", "repo:push"], "jwt_issuer": null}

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