Trigger manual step ahead of time

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Chris Pettifer created an issue

A pipeline might contain a manual checkpoint / step in it to prevent unnecessary steps from being executed and wasting build minutes on every commit, but sometimes when triggering a build you know you want that second stage of the build process to execute before it gets to the point to trigger it manually. So, can there be an option to trigger the manual step, provided the build is successful to that point. This saves time waiting / staring at the pipeline for it to get to that point.

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  1. aneita staff
    • changed status to open

    Hey @cpettifer-blackcat,

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion. I can see why this would be valuable.

    Given our current priorities, we don't have any plans to support this functionality. In the meantime, however, I'll open this ticket to gauge the interest of other users in seeing the same thing.


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