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Karolina Vyskocilova created an issue

Hi, ssh suddenly stopped working and it returns Permission denied (public key). However, all other services I use with the same public key works. I have removed the key several times from settings, but I still get this error.

Yesterday, I have pushed something to the repo, today, I can't. Could you have a look?

I'happy to check at another end as well, my public key is here:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAl6xcj/UojhDkZsZ35F8q602tjRgjtZFvrpjI0Ev9cjLLr1tndHmfRudrzttZd6DXNzH04/i7H+CFnqO3HzXa/DkIkhd9Q/IyMsqk7+sG99eryByTq7ZQ/iRE/SFNoHiFouI3bxVnnWdlQe6RZkgo0QEzKq+lOyZCC+xgLfZJ4aFaYLG6QR4Gz5aiXq9wTWe6JTHJhAjf7XefAxHwFGQT+F5BeWtvIHobCtE7ye0efT9PfeLrizeeKxrJCmhalZX/6Hoeh0i/E8aK+plkpkZYpSvGwXe4acakW/10YoX+t8uIP7Zdtxtnrwa3fGVWlqHftMkQZr4xpA7PqRxPhDuiGQ== Karolína Vyskočilová

Connecting via VSC & Pageant, Windows 7 Pro

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