Mecurial repos are only able to create a branch from default branch.

Issue #18554 resolved
Cassiano Alves created an issue

How to reproduce

  • On a mercurial repo go to Branches tab.
  • Click on "Create branch".
  • The only "From branch" available is the branch set as default.


1. ###

  • Go to repo Settings.
  • Set the default branch to the branch you intend to use.
  • Create the branch from the correct one.
  • Set the default branch back to the correct one.


Create a new branch locally, add commits and push to remote: hg push --new-branch

Comments (8)

  1. Yana Bazulina staff

    Hi everybody, Thank you for voting on this issue. The fix has been implemented and deployed, you should be able to select any branch as a parent when creating a new branch. Thank you

  2. Kaleva Alsop

    @Yana Bazulina Hi, I’m not convinced this has been completely fixed. On in From branch I can only see a very small subset of the branches I can see on When in the From branch dropdown if I search for one of the branches I can see in the main list I get “We can’t find that branch or tag”. If I search for the branch on the other screen using the Search branches box the branch appears in the filtered list. This has been reproducible for several branches. Why are the searches behaving differently?


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