When creating a new issue, the focus should be on the Title field instead of the Description field

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INHX created an issue

With the launch of the new editor for issues, the focus is placed on the Description field when a new issue is created. This has the following usability problems:

  1. The Description field is optional, so simply typing a description and not providing a Title will not work.
  2. For keyboard users, there is no easy way to go to the Title field (Shift+Tab does not take to the Title field, but highlights the editor buttons instead).

Given these two usability challenges, focus should be on the Title field when the page loads. This will make sure that the focus on the mandatory field instead of the optional field, and then the user can go to the Description field later on.

It will also be helpful if pressing Tab while in the Title field takes the user to the Description field instead of the editor buttons as then it takes too many tabs to get to the actual editable field.

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