Issue Tracker | Description duplicates as comment on user reassignment in an Issue (BBCS-433)

Issue #18684 resolved
Charan Mysore Suresh staff created an issue

With the bitbucket issue tracker, on every re-assignment. The description of the issue duplicates and get's associated as the comment along with the assignee change.

This is not a pleasant UI experience for users & causes a lot of redundancy.

This is easily reproducible as seen from the screenshot:

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  1. Adrien Crovetto

    It's not only on re-assignment but on every update. For instance if you change the priority from minor to major the duplication happen

    If you put a comment, there are no duplication

  2. Sisir Adhikari

    @all @Brandon Pearson The issue is fixed. Thanks!

    Another Issue I (noticed it before so not related to the latest fix). When you add Text with amparsand (`&`). Then save, later go to edit the visual editor interprites it as &

    So, each time you edit the string of & increases & like this.

    Can anyone confirm this? If confirmed I can create a separate issue.

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