Unable to mention user in PR comment when multi-byte chars are set in the full name of Atlassian account

Issue #18709 resolved
Ai Hirama staff created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Access https://id.atlassian.com and set your full name as “山田” or other multi-byte names
  2. In the repo that the user has access to, try mention that user in the comment by entering “山田”

Expected Result:

The user appears in the suggested list

Actual result:

The user doesn't show up


Change the full name to a single-byte one from https://id.atlassian.com

Comments (1)

  1. Yana Bazulina staff

    This is related more to the minimum 2 characters requirement in the name.
    You should be able to either update your name to have 3 Characters or more and use a space at the end of the name in the name field to get results.
    Closing this issue now.

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