Pipeline fail with Gradle project and Javafx

Issue #18792 closed
Luca Giulianini created an issue

I ran an old, successful pipeline (was run some weeks ago) and now fails.

  1. I’ve already set the openjfx image: openjfx:8
  2. I’ve already added the installation of openjfx: apt-get install -y openjfx

This problem happend at the same time also in gitlab pipelines. So probably ther’s a problem in the Debian image used

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi Luca,

    It sounds like this could be a problem with the image that you’re using, rather than a problem with Bitbucket Pipelines. I’d recommend trying a different version of the image.

    If you think it’s an issue with Bitbucket Pipelines, please raise a support ticket and we can look at your repo in more detail.



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