"username" property is missing in /2.0/repositories/{username}/{repo_slug}/pullrequests/{pull_request_id}

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Jin Wu created an issue

hi Team,

I’m feteching user name of each pull request from API “/2.0/repositories/{username}/{repo_slug}/pullrequests/{pull_request_id}“, but currently, the “username“ property is missing.

the blow data is what I'm getting now.

'author': {'display_name': '',
'uuid': '{}',
'links': {'self': {'href': ''},
'html': {'href': ''},
'avatar': {'href': ''}}, '
nickname': '',
'type': 'user',
'account_id': ''},
'merge_commit': None,
'closed_by': None},

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  1. Luis Garnica

    I think our JenkinsX stopped making builds today because of this issue.
    Our error is:
    error: User.****.io "" is invalid: metadata.name: Required value: name or generateName is required

    The expected answer is the PR author from BB. We got nothing → ““

  2. Jacky Cheung

    Our Webhook to Jenkins is also failed today because of the same issue.

    Error that I received from Jenkins after Bitbucket triggered a webhook:

    net.sf.json.JSONException: JSONObject["username"] not found.

    with Jenkins Bitbucket Plugin version: 1.1.8

  3. GuillaumeT

    We also have the same error. All our Webhooks received an “500 error”.

    On Jenkins side we have this message :

    Caused by: net.sf.json.JSONException: JSONObject["username"] not found.

    Jenkins: 2.150.3
    Bitbucket Plugin: 1.1.8

  4. Luis Garnica

    @amazeeio-deploy in that case…shouldn’t this problem have appeared then in 29 April 2019 ? and not yesterday…

  5. amazeeio-deploy

    @Luis Garnica till yesterday we had no issue at all. And we got those errors in jenkins.log file, only starting from yesterday.

  6. Luis Garnica

    Same thing over here… so… do you suggests that maybe even if the post about the change stated it was due 29 Abril 2019, it has really become effective yesterday?

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