Documentation of supported 1.0 endpoints removed

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Michael Nascimento Santos created an issue

As documented in #16556 and , the following 1.0 REST endpoints are still supported:

  • /1.0/groups
  • /1.0/groups/{accountname}/
  • /1.0/groups/{accountname}/{group_slug}/
  • /1.0/groups/{accountname}/{group_slug}/members
  • /1.0/groups/{accountname}/{group_slug}/members/{membername}
  • /1.0/group-privileges/{accountname}
  • /1.0/group-privileges/{accountname}/{repo_slug}
  • /1.0/group-privileges/{accountname}/{repo_slug}/{group_owner}/{group_slug}
  • /1.0/group-privileges/{accountname}/{group_owner}/{group_slug}

as well as:

Their documentation, however, has been completely removed from confluence and it is impossible now to track how they work. This has halted our complete migration from privileges to group-privileges and invitations for all use cases.

Please restore the documentation as it is the only away to understand these APIs.

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  1. Renato Covarrubias

    Really unpresentable. There are no new versions of endpoints of users and groups to validate which users are in our subscriptions (and for which we are paying) nor the documentation for it.

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