Show test-report even if there's no failure

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Mohammad Syahrul staff created an issue

This could be useful for the user to check if all their testing is running or not as some cases the test didn't start and was skipped.

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  1. Peter Becker

    We maintain a number of microservices and libraries to support them, each with some level of test automation – the actual test case coverage can vary quite a bit. This is currently not mapped into a test management solution, so we rely on the output of our CI builds to report on which tests were run.

    Reviewing some of our builds we even had one that was misconfigured and was not running any tests at all – the only way to tell in the pipeline view is to check the number of uploaded tests in the build teardown, which is far from obvious.

    For us not seeing the tests is a major shortcoming.

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion.

    If the testing tool generates a file that includes information about the passed tests, we render the count in the UI. In the example below, all 538 tests passed.

    If your testing tool doesn’t output a file with information on how many tests were successful, we're unable to render this information. Given you’re interested in knowing the number of tests that are run, does this count meet your needs?

  3. Peter Becker

    You are right - the number of tests run does appear in the progress indicator on the left, I never really paid attention to that. It does however not tell what tests are run. I’m used to having jUnit style HTML reports easily accessible, they are not the most pretty things, but provide the information about tests executed.

    In theory we could either expose the jUnit XML file as artefact and render it somewhere else – which needs extra process, or we could render it as part of the build – but that would still need external hosting from what I can tell. I’m used to CI tools like Jenkins, where I can see these reports directly from the builds and it also provides a trend graph over the recent builds with the ongoing total and failure count. The latter is not that important to have, but also nice.

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