Commits are missing from branch commits view

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Veli-Matti Puurunen created an issue

We just encountered a weird error in the Commits view. When develop branch is selected, Bitbucket claims that there are no commits to display.

When selecting “Show all” There are only some old commits visible from November 2018.

I cloned the repo for testing purposes and it seems that the branches actually are OK and all the commits are there. So, the problem may be in Bitbucket.

Tested with two users, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

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  1. Michael Stopp

    Very similar issue here. I made three commits yesterday (in master) and after the third commit the Commits view was screwed up. Specifically: yesterday’s commits aren’t showing at all and all other commits from master are shown in my development branch. When I filter on master, it’s completely empty.

    I tried the same as OP: I cloned the repository and everything looks ok in the clone.

    I tried different browsers (incl. private tabs) on different devices. I’d rule out that it’s a browser (or browser cache) issue.

  2. Michael Stopp

    Update: I just made a commit to my development branch and now everything looks fine again in the web interface…

    This sounds similar to #19078.

    While this is nice for the moment, it’s not really a solution to the underlying problem that something seems to be wrong with the Commits view.

  3. Erin Scanlon

    I can confirm this as well. Some additional information:

    • I can commit, and it does get onto bitbucket. It simply doesn’t show.
    • The commits are failing to show for me for the commits page (all, or branch) and the commits list of pull requests.
    • Checking out the repository to another location, or as another user yields a local copy that has everything, including new work.
    • The code in the source page is up to date. The branch pull down is accurate reflected. Annotating a file shows the correct commits for each line, the hashes are clickable, and the content is correct for the commit.
    • My pull request commit list may be empty, but the aggregated diff is still present, and correct.

    Everything is “resolved” by sending a dummy commit to a dummy branch. That is, sending a dummy commit to a dummy branch resolves the issue for other branches at the same time.

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