Issue #1896 resolved

E-mail notifications stopped working (private repo issue?)

Dan Kamins
created an issue

As of a week ago (give or take a month), we've stopped receiving push notification e-mails from bitbucket.

This is on all of our private repo(s).

We changed no settings on bitbucket. It just stopped working at some point.

We use the e-mail notifications as part of our continuous integration setup, and this is a serious issue for us. Please advise.

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  1. Dan Kamins reporter

    In case it wasn't clear, this is regarding the "Email" service integration. It isn't sending e-mails. I think it's been broken for a few weeks now.

  2. Dan Kamins reporter

    We are using HTTPS. I think we get a push e-mail notification on average once for every 10 pushes, but I could be wrong.

    BTW this used to work 100% of the time, then stopped, then was fixed, then stopped again. Each "stopped" period seemed to involve working every once in a while too.

  3. Dan Kamins reporter

    Yes. The e-mail notifications are totally unreliable. We haven't seen any for a long time. Sometimes they show up for a few days then stop for weeks.

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