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Alexandre Simões Simões created an issue

I have a repository in the Bitbucket Cloud.

Everytime it recieves a commit, I want it to trigger a plan from Bamboo Server.

I’ve already setup the Bamboo Server “Remote Trigger” configs.

I’ve also successfully tested with older repos which still have the “Services Button“ and it worked as expected.

The problem is that I have a recent repository which has the “Services Button“ replacement (“Webhooks Button“).

After looking online for “How to integrate Bamboo Server with Bitbucket Cloud“ and “Bamboo Server Remote Trigger from Bitbucket Cloud“, I saw some answer that look promising:, and others, but some of them gave “HTTP status 401” or ““HTTP status 302”.

Is there any way to trigger a bamboo plan with the “Remote Trigger“ method from Bitbucket Cloud?

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