Stop all builds when pipelines are disabled

Issue #19029 wontfix
Charan Mysore Suresh staff created an issue

Current Behaviour: At the moment, when pipelines are disabled and if there were any builds that would be running. They would run to completion and all new builds would be suspended. If the ongoing builds need to be stopped, then you need to manually stop the build.

Expected Behaviour: Request is to suspend and stop all on-going builds once pipelines are disabled. This prevents users from manually stop all builds running.

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  1. aneita staff

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    This behaviour is by design - we don’t want to stop builds when they are partway through running as that can cause issues for users if the build is interacting with another system or performing a deployment, as examples.

    The workaround is to manually stop any build that is still running. Given this, I’m going to close this ticket as won’t do.

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