No API 2.0 for repositories permission

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Mohammad Syahrul staff created an issue

Previously there was API 1.0 for repositories privileges management and currently, it's not available in API 2.0

It would be great if Bitbucket team can hold off the privileges management for API 1.0 until it's ready on API 2.0

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  1. Ruwen Schwedewsky

    Before the removal of the old API I could create and configure a new repository completely via a script.

    Amongst other things, this scripts sets up correct groups and removes the user which created the repository.

    Removing the user is not possible anymore, now I have to manually delete the user. This is error-prone (people might forget it) and manual.

    I understand that Bitbucket wants to move to a new major version of the API, but removing a functionality from the API (which I can still do via the UI, so the use case for such an API is valid) without providing an alternative is a bad move.

    Please restore the old functionality at least until you provide an alternative.

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