Pipeline only run at schedule time

Issue #19114 resolved
Niket Chandrawanshi created an issue

I don’t want to run my pipeline every-time when the code commit into my specific branch. I want to schedule a specific time frame, on that particular time frame, the pipeline get start. No matter how many times the code get commit to that particular branch, the pipeline won’t start.

How can i do that ??

I already schedule the time, but every-time when the code get commit the pipeline get stared, I don’t want that.

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  1. aneita staff

    Hi Niket,

    In order to not run a pipeline on commit, you can either:

    include [skip ci] in your commit message.

    remove the branches or default pipeline that is defined, and define your scheduled build as a custom pipeline. That way, when the change is pushed, no pipelines will match and so none will be triggered.

    Hope this helps.

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