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Issue #1929 resolved

rss feed not very informative (BB-830)

created an issue

a b a to a p

for commits is not very informative... it would be way better to have the actual commit message in the rss feed

Comments (6)

  1. Christian Walther

    I am getting this too on my personal RSS feed. The reason is that the <description> field directly includes HTML tags, while they should be entity-encoded or enclosed in CDATA, if I’m understanding the spec correctly. “a b CWE-ou” is what my feed reader makes of those tags.

    My personal Atom feed is different, but equally useless: It has entries like

    Skoader pullrequest_comment_created CWE-ou

    which, besides looking more like program code than English, is missing almost every piece of information I would expect: it doesn’t tell me which pull request he commented on (I would like the link of the entry to point to that, but it just points to https://bitbucket.org/) and it doesn’t tell me what his comment was.

    I get the impression that this problem does not affect everyone?

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