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Issue #192 open

Project statistics (BB-502)

Thomas Johansson
created an issue

It would be neat if project owners (writers?) had access to various statistics about their projects;

For example the number of unique ip's have cloned the repository, how many people have accessed the wiki etc.

Just some general statistics to gauge how popular your project might be, without any specific data like request logs.

Comments (14)

  1. Kjell Hedström

    Yeah. It would definitely be a neat feature.

    Through Google Analytics you can get some stats but how many times your repo is cloned or downloaded is not available through the Google API (as far as I know).

  2. aschaumberg

    Agree, US Dept of Energy funds a project of mine here, and I am required to provide yearly counts of the number copies distributed or downloads. I will soon be asked for the Oct 1 2013 - Sep 30 2014 period.

  3. Damian Rouson

    This is especially important for writing research grant proposals and progress reports related to projects hosted by bitbucket. Download statistics help to demonstrate the existence of a user community and help to document potential impact.

  4. Joseph Allen

    Once you have popularity statistics, then you should also have search sorted by most popular project. You really need this if you want bitbucket to be the goto place to find software.

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