HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway

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I new to scm tools and bitbucket. I tried to setup a new Repo according to your manual, part

However I'm getting a HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway Error when I try to push hg push

Any hints what I'm doing wrong? Kind regards Stefanie

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  1. Paresh Masade

    I am also facing the same problem.. my ssh is also not working... am new to SSH and using it on windows using Putty... the link mentioned does not give more details..

    any idea what does it mean? bad gateway?

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Paresh,

    I am afraid we do not have enough details to look into this.

    Can you please email with:

    1. the commands you are trying to run 2. the client you are using to interact with hg 3. the full output when the command fails 4. have you uploaded your public ssh key to bitbucket?



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