Do we all still have 17" monitors????

Issue #1939 invalid
Anonymous created an issue

PLEASE make the text as wide as the user's screen.

(Why pretend I have a 17" monitor, when I have 22"???)

PLEASE don't just "chop off all the lines"... and then "add a horizontal scrollbar".

Doing so makes it VERY difficult to see the ends of any lines... if you have more than a full vertical screen of code.

Try to view the end of line #1... when the horizontal scroll-bar is 200 lines OFF the bottom of the screen.


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  1. Anonymous
    • PLEASE* don't see everything that starts with "*" as an indent. (If it surrounds a word... it should be made BOLD.)
    • PLEASE* don't assume #47 means "cross out #47".
  2. Dylan Etkin


    We are currently working on revamping our UI here on Bitbucket. Hopefully the decisions we make will leave you happy. I am going to resolve this issue for now. Thanks for reporting.

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