Deleted-and-reuploaded files not appearing in downloads list

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Alun Bestor
created an issue

I'd found a number of bugs in a project binary I had just uploaded, and so I decided to delete and reupload a fixed version of the binary. However, my reuploaded version would not show up in the project's download list unless it was saved with a different name than the file I had deleted.

The project's download page is here:

You'll note that the number in the downloads tab is 15, but there are only 11 files listed for download. The missing files are there on the server - I can download them directly by entering their expected URL - but they don't show up in the list. It looks to me like "deleted" files are being hidden, not deleted, and uploading a new version with the same name replaces the old file but doesn't unhide it in the process.

<<issue 1942>> may be related to this.

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  1. Hielke Prins

    I can confirm this one as well. I am regulary uploading new versions of project related documents but when given the same file name as the old version to be replaced, they do not show up in the file list.

    As yoshi and jpc point out, the uploaded files remain available elsewhere and seem to be replaced properly by the newly uploaded versions but they will never appear in the downloads list.

  2. schaetj

    I can confirm this as well. If I delete and upload a file using the same name it will not show up in the downloads list. Additionally if I go to my "home" page where it lists updates to my repositories...the link provided to the file supposedly deleted still works.

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