Group newsfeed events together (BB-47)

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Eirik Stavem created an issue

The public newsfeed is periodically "spammed" by the frequent django-commits, so it's hard to follow progress of other repos you're following without having to go through a lot of pages.

How about we group events together when there are more than two consecutive events from one repo? And then add a "show more from django"-link, that takes you to e.g. which filters out events for that django only?

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  1. Eirik Stavem reporter
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    Now that we're showing events for wiki updates etc too, this is getting more and more important. I just saw a page on the public newsfeed where pretty much the whole page was full of "sensei updated wiki-page Home in moco" because he had been saving for every minor change instead of using preview.

  2. allan bailey

    would it be possible to add a user preference to be able to turn on/off news feed update events? I.e. I only want to see check ins, not "user x is now following project y" and such.

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