"View image" link in source browser is not active

Issue #196 invalid
Maciek Szczesniak
created an issue

Example: http://www.bitbucket.org/hoffstein/ubiquity/src/32a3558f6981/stock-quote-screenshot.jpg

"View image" link points to nowhere, "raw" link (from history/annotate/raw group) works as expected

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  1. Maciek Szczesniak reporter

    Umm, that's true - works perfectly fine in FF3, I didn't noticed it works in WebKit based browser (Fluid with status hidden status bar) as my network is damn slow today and there is no progress indicator...

  2. Jesper Noehr

    Ah, you're the guy using Fluid -- have you noticed the cool integration we have with that? You'll get Growl notifications (if you have Growl, obviously) on events/notifications, and it makes a menu in the Fluid dock menu.

  3. Maciek Szczesniak reporter

    Oh yes I noticed notifications - very nice touch, got really surprised when I saw it for a first time. That's definitely something you need to brag about as it's something making whole experience even better..

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