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Issue #1975 resolved

buggy openid login

created an issue

1)My main account is registered with an openid. When I try to login with the open id, bitbucket acts as if it hasn't seen the id before and asks if I wish to register or associate it with an account.

2) I give up and use another account with access. This account uses a normal uid and password. When I try to login with this account, bitbucket logs me in to my openid account (the first account I tried).

I assume the security works, and this is just a bug in the ui?

Comments (2)

  1. Thomas Johansson

    This sort of thing should no longer happen with the new OpenID UI, as it uses consistent provider URLs.

    If you're still having problems logging into your OpenID account, you should have received an email with a password when you created it, which you can use to log in and then re-associate your OpenID under Account -> Manage OpenIDs. Failing that, you can reset your password.

    Please re-open the ticket if you have further problems.

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