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Issue #1976 duplicate

On repository push, getting "couldn't reach oberon" error

Brendan McAdams
created an issue

I mentioned this error on Twitter before and Jesper Noehr mentioned Oberon has been decommissioned and this shouldn't be occurring/is not an error.

It's been a few days since I did work on this repo but I'm noticing i'm getting it on all pushes now: {{{


remote: couldn't reach oberon: error(111, 'Connection refused') }}}

I wanted to make you aware of the issue in case it's a bug.

This repository was forked from another which I've since deleted (we moved the project from one account/project name to another).

The original project was


The new one is novus/casbah


Comments (8)

  1. Petter Haggholm

    This is still happening. Based on what Mert just said, I wonder if this could be related to #2137 (old code tries to use oberon to send updates, oberon does not exist, updates don’t get pushed out)?

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