Permission denied when pushing

Issue #1984 resolved
Former user created an issue

{{{ [hallon@hallon] /tmp $ hg clone ssh:// Enter passphrase for key '/home/hallon/.ssh/id_dsa': destination directory: repo no changes found updating to branch default 0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved [hallon@hallon] /tmp $ cd repo [hallon@hallon] repo $ touch x [hallon@hallon] repo $ hg add x [hallon@hallon] repo $ hg commit -m"Foo" [hallon@hallon] repo $ hg push Enter passphrase for key '/home/hallon/.ssh/id_dsa': pushing to ssh:// searching for changes remote: abort: could not lock repository levsa/repo: Permission denied abort: unexpected response: empty string [hallon@hallon] repo $


I am using ssh and openid. I want to try https but I can not even do a clone as my password is not accepted, but that is another bug I suppose.

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