OpenID login doesn't work with CNAME (BB-837)

Issue #2007 wontfix
Luke Hoersten
created an issue

When logging into my CNAME'ed Bitbucket with OpenID, I get redirected after authenticating with the OpenID server to, not to my CNAME domain.

Username/password login seems to work.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    We have decided to deprecate openId logins in favor of OAuth logins.

    Users who had previously linked their openId accounts will still be able to login via OpenId but we are not allowing new associations.



  2. Kieran Benton

    Can reproduce here too - at least the error message should be made better? Incidentally I get the same issue trying to login using Google Account (using oauth) when using my CNAME. So that is broken too!

    Thanks, Kieran

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