Someone vandalized FAQ and removed Wiki entry

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Per the title, take a look here:

Someone vandalized the wiki and removed the entry about editing the wiki.

In addition, I can see the history of the page at: however, I don't know how to revert it on the web front end.

I tried to pull it down using {{{ hg clone BitBucketWiki }}}

but I'm on Windows, and there are 2 files, varying only by capitalization, so I cannot pull it down. I get an error of: "abort: case-folding collision between and"

I tried to help :) But I'm stuck, so maybe someone on a Linux box can pull it down and fix that page, and get rid of one of those files so Windows folks can help.

Sorry if I'm being a newb here and just missing an easier way to do this.

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  1. Craig McQueen

    I managed to do this:

    hg clone bitbucket_wiki
        [I got a case-folding issue with and]
    cd bitbucket_wiki
    hg cat FAQ/ -r 170 >

    Then I copied it, then pasted it into the wiki edit box on the bitbucket web site.

  2. Russ Bishop

    FYI: If you get this issue on Mac OS, just open Disk Utility, then create a new Blank Disk Image, size Custom: 2GB (or whatever), type Mac OS X Journaled (case-sensitive).

    Mount the image, go to terminal, cd to /Volumes/<imagename>

    Then you can run hg clone

    Now you can work with the case-sensitive files to get them deleted. When done and comitted, unmount the disk image.

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