made wiki public - but doesn't work

Issue #2021 duplicate
Ward Van Heddeghem
created an issue

I've made the wiki of my private repo public (by unchecking the 'Wiki is private').

However, when I log out and try to access either the wiki page or repo page (set to land on the wiki) I get an:

'Error: You do not have access to this repository. '

What am I missing?

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  1. Ward Van Heddeghem reporter

    In case somebody would be reading this: to make my wiki public, would it be a workaround to temporarily make my repository public, and immediately change it back to private? Or is their a risk that some things of the repository would remain public?

  2. Helge Plaschke

    This is an old issue which still needs to be fixed look at #136. As far as I know there should be no risk, that some things of your repository would remain public but your workaround does not fix that issue :(.

    Duplicate of #136.

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