Permit static files hosting with CNAME (BB-882)

Issue #2025 duplicate
Jonathan Leroy
created an issue

Static files hosting as described in doesn't work with CNAME.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    I'm not sure how this issue has lived on this long, but, to our knowledge, there is no issue with this. If you are having issues using CNAMES with your account, please raise a support request to and we will personally help you resolve it.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    My apologies, but I do not understand what you are saying is missing on this particular feature. Are you looking for more/better documentation of how the CNAME static hosting functions? Or are you looking for repository level CNAME support (a different feature)?

  3. Segi Hong

    @Marcus Bertrand Although I didn't make this issue but I think this issue means "Published website should be also working with CNAME". Now CNAME setting is only working with <username>, not CNAME setting.

    Of course if Bitbucket supports repository level CNAME like Github Pages, nothing is better than it.

  4. Marcus Bertrand staff

    All, to clarify, this issue appears to have been for the feature request that is outlined at, which works as outlined in the document.

    Many of the comments here appear to be asking for us to support CNAMES for repositories in addition to accounts as we do now. We are tracking this feature request at #2184.

    I will mark this issue as invalid at this time. Please update #2184 with comments on adding the CNAME feature support to repositories.

  5. sud 29

    DISCLAIMER: I'm pissed off and I might start bitching.

    I spent hours configuring that damn DNS that takes hours to propagate, and finally discovered that this damn thing doesn't work. The landing is finally on the Bitbucket page, NOT on the static website.

    I know this is free and you get what you pay for. But could someone for once be clear and tell me : can I , or can I NOT use my custom domain aliasing directly the hosted static website? Because this is clearly not working.

    • I have a domain "" OK
    • I have a static website "" working
    • I used CNAME to alias to "" and that doesnt work

    And, besides, there is nothing more annoying than documentation like this :

    "If you have an existing domain you can have the landing page of its website open onto a page on Bitbucket. An example of this is!"
    ( Source: )

    CNAME probable nonsense

    Look, if that doesn't work, don't talk about it because this is complete nonsense. Or give some proper examples ("" is down so we can't even see what you are talking about).

    If the documentation was correct there wouldn't even be an issue.

    PS: I really do like Bitbucket, but there is one thing I do truly hate is : false promises and wasting my time.

  6. Trevor Wilson

    It is now 2018. This issue may not have lots of votes, but I think that is mainly because most people won't bother voting. If their motivation for using bitbucket was to find a github pages alternative then when they find this issue and see that bitbucket pages do not support custom domains they will just leave. Bitbucket must have had it in mind that people would want custom domains when they created the bitbucket pages feature. I am perplexed as to how so many years could pass without having this feature implemented. I have read through this thread and am disappointed to see how poorly bitbucket communicated with their users on this issue. Now in 2018, with Microsoft's acquisition of github, there is an opportunity to gain more users. It is true that not every repo maintainer is interested in having a custom domain, but for those who are it is probably essential to them.

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