Bad link on new repo page

Issue #2029 resolved
Preston Tamkin
created an issue

Go here ->

In text "Please read "Using Bitbucket" and "Getting started with Mercurial" if you are looking for help on using Bitbucket." on right,

"Using Bitbucket" directs you to

instead of the correct

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  1. isys303group11

    Currently still the case, the "Instructions" area is still incorrect:

    <div class="twocol-info">
    			Please read "<a href="/help/using-bitbucket">Using Bitbucket</a>" and "<a href="/help/getting-started">Getting started with Mercurial</a>" if you are looking for help on using Bitbucket.
    			If you couldn't find the answer to your question in the above mentioned help-pages, post a question to <a href="">bitbucket-users</a>.

    As stated previously, it should be something like

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