File url pattern in /src/<rev>

Issue #203 resolved
Christos Trochalakis
created an issue

When viewing the file structure in a specified revision (/src/<rev-hash>/ page), file links are using this url format:


Where <last-rev-hash> is the last revision the file was edited. I think this behavior is a bit confusing. Someone would expect this to be "/src/<rev-hash>/<filename>" where <rev-hash> is the revision we are viewing.

This url practice is used by all known dvcs web frontends (hgweb, gitweb, github)

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    This is because the "changeset header" that accompany most pages in that context show a summary of that very commit, so by browsing around in this manner, that header will always reflect the revision the file you are viewing was last changed in. I think it's cool, but I might be wrong, and I often am.

    Anybody else got some feedback on this?

    Triaging this as a proposal as it's a "feature" currently, and I don't know if it should be changed.

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