Unable to contribute fix to help wiki

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Craig McQueen
created an issue

See the [[http://bitbucket.org/help/FAQ/wiki|wiki help]]. It looks as though it's been vandalised.

So, I thought, I can fix that. I went to get the previous good version text. But it gives me a [[http://bitbucket.org/jespern/help/src/5350f2de5061/FAQ/wiki.wiki|404 file not found]].

I thought, that's okay, I'll clone the wiki repo.

{{{ hg clone https://cmcqueen1975@bitbucket.org/jespern/help }}}

Unfortunately, I'm on Windows, and I got a case-folding collision with {{{Sandbox.wiki}}} and {{{SandBox.wiki}}}. I followed the instructions I found somewhere to fix that. But I couldn't push it back to bitbucket--got an authorisation failure.

Then, I thought, oh well, I'll just get the latest good version of {{{FAQ/wiki.wiki}}} from the repo, then paste it online. Then, I discovered that the wiki repo mysteriously ends at 9 Apr 2010. So, it seems it's not the "real" repo for the wiki, but an old clone. Hence the 404 file not found I got before.

I can't find any other easy way to rollback the vandalisation of the wiki.

So there you go. I tried to help, but couldn't for several reasons.

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