"hg push" raises exception in "changegroup.csetlog" hook

Issue #2077 duplicate
Keith Holman
created an issue

When I run "hg push" on my machine, an exception is reported. This has happened every time (about 4 times) when pushing my "Impeller" repo. The exception does not seem to break anything; my changes are uploaded and visible. I believe the exception has always been exactly the same.

I've only been using Bitbucket for about a week, following 3 months of not using it, and I have not seen this problem before.

{{{ $ hg push pushing to https://holmak@bitbucket.org/holmak/impeller searching for changes http authorization required realm: Bitbucket.org HTTP user: holmak password: remote: adding changesets remote: adding manifests remote: adding file changes remote: added 3 changesets with 9 changes to 5 files remote: error: changegroup.csetlog hook raised an exception: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_repo' }}}