Removing a repository and adding it again ...

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Anonymous created an issue

I don't know if it's a bug or a feature but removing a repository and then adding a new one with the same name results in having the same data as the repository removed.

Expected: If I remove a repository and create a new one with the same name it should be empty.

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  1. Anonymous

    "Please note that there is no going back, this is a destructive operation, and we have no backups. After this, your repository will be forever gone from our servers."

    Definitely seems a bug.

  2. Helge Plaschke

    Could not reproduce it, created repository (private), cloned it, created files with content, commit, push, deletion of repository, recreation of repository with exact same options --> no data left of old repository.

    If this issue is really popping up for some users, it's not only a bug but also an security issue if someone removes his/her account + repositories and an account gets registered with the same username and repository name the new user could possibly just get access to code and files stored in that old repository.

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