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Mikela Clemmons
created an issue

I'm proposing a change to the way bitbucket handles users emails and the user account in a commit log. I'm currently commiting code for a company and for personal projects. My employer wants me to commit everything with work email in my username in hgrc and I want to use my personal email for everything else. The problem is that the commit will only link back to my user account if the email matched up. Also if you change your email all old commits loss the link. I'm proposing that bitbucket either: 1) Offer users the ability to have multiple emails registered for them where only one gets used for notifications/primary. 2) Bitbucket allows user accounts to be connected in someway or a single user account having the ability to have sub-accounts. I prefer the first. The current implementation has been confusing and causes issues if the user changes there email address. Personally I can just create two accounts one for work and one for personal but that is very hackish and they will not be deeply connected.

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