Wrong diff in changeset page

Issue #212 resolved
Christos Trochalakis
created an issue

hg repo: http://www.bitbucket.org/ctrochalakis/tx-submissions/overview/ rev: 3a3888e7ab1d

The diff calculated in changeset view is wrong (file transifex/controllers.py), http://www.bitbucket.org/ctrochalakis/tx-submissions/changeset/3a3888e7ab1d/

The correct one is here: http://www.bitbucket.org/ctrochalakis/tx-submissions/diff/transifex/controllers.py?diff2=3a3888e7ab1d&diff1=2dc94b06be52

I don't know if it's relevant but the last time this file was modified was in a merge commit. (2dc94b06be52)

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  1. Jesper Noehr
    • changed status to open

    Geia Christos,

    I think it's because of the merge commit, and you're diffing between the merge and the commit you're talking about. On the other hand, it says "72 bytes modified", so I might be wrong. This one will take a bit of work to figure out, so I'll back to it later. Is that OK? :-)

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