Issue #2130 resolved

No e-mail notifications

created an issue

For about two weeks I dont recieve e-mail notifications when creating/updating issues in my repositories. Neither do other commiters.

All have gmail.

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  1. Adrien Anselme

    It worked 4 days ago but yesterday and today's pushes appear in the timeline but aren't sent to my gmail inbox. "Services" part of my private repo is still correctly set. Nothing is stuck in the spam section in gmail. I reopen the bug for you to check because it is a bit annoying if it randomly works.

  2. Adrien Anselme

    Actually my repository's timeline is up-to-date but the global newsfeed doesn't show the last updates. This could be related, depending on when the e-mail notif is triggered...

  3. Adrien Anselme

    Seems to be working properly again since a few weeks. The Dashboard's timeline is up to date and I received mail notifications for the last pushes that happened. So I'd say you can close this :)

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