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Issue #214 resolved
Chris Rebert
created an issue

Separate from the Mine query, there should be an "Interested" or similar query that gives a list of all the issues you're following.

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  1. Ches Martin

    This would be greatly helpful.

    I don't know if this is already the intent here, but I'd really like to see this globally, not just per-project. I.e. from my account hub I'd like a page where I can view an index listing of all the issues I'm following across all projects.

  2. TK Soh

    It seems like a feature that should have been around. I wonder why it is not. Now I can't find a way to list the issues I am following (is there?) - like this one.

  3. Nathan Durnan

    Is this issue still alive? Has there been any activity?

    Is there at least some backend API support for this yet? Digging through the documentation turned up some methods of accessing a list of repositories I follow, or users I follow, or the users following a specific issue. But nothing about how to get a list of all the issues I am following.

  4. Zachary Davis

    We recently released the ability to see all issues you're watching across all repositories (from your dashboard). Hopefully that gives most of you what you need, though I'm leaving this open because I think a per-repository filter for watched issues is still a good idea.

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