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Issue #2146 resolved

neewsfeed not updating

created an issue

I got last message 7 day ago in my neewsfeed, but there was about 15 commits since then. Is it all right?

Comments (11)

  1. allnightlong reporter

    I didn't follow my repo. But, after your comment, I follow my repo. After that I made commit & push, but still there is not corresponding info in newsfeed.

  2. kodlab

    I'm experiencing this bug as well. I have a a dozen different repositories, and many of them are only sometimes appearing on my feed and RSS Feeds. I have users who rely on this to see changes to software, and they're not appearing, even though the commits are going through and appear on the repository pages.

  3. Lennon Day-Reynolds

    We've observed a similar lack of newsfeed updates from one of our private repos. The problem started at least 12 days ago, as that was when the first commit was made that didn't reach the newsfeed (either HTML or RSS formats).

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