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Issue #2154 resolved

Wiki mishandles %20 in the title (BB-903)

Lorenzo Petrone
created an issue

project/wiki/An Example

If I manually enter a space in the page title and then create that page, it considers the space a %20.

If instead I link a page with a space, such as An Example, it will convert the space to underscore instead, actually linking to An_Example instead.

I hope that's not intentional.

Comments (20)

  1. Lorenzo Petrone reporter

    Furthermore, changing via the web interface the wiki filename has similar problems, such as if there is a space and you want to change it to a underscore, you can't.

    i.e. spaces are sometimes considered to be underscores and sometimes to be %20

  2. Hosam Aly

    A year and a half have passed since this issue was reported and prioritized as "major". Has there been any progress regarding this issue? The least that can be done is to validate page titles against spaces!

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