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Issue #2157 resolved

changeset lists wrong author

Sam Adams
created an issue

The overview/changeset lists on several of my repositories (e.g. https://bitbucket.org/sea36/atomxom) are listing authors I have never heard of against changesets that I have committed & pushed.

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  1. Sam Adams reporter
    • changed status to open

    My username is getting recorded as the changeset author, but bitbucket is displaying random names instead. Running 'hg log' locally displays:

    changeset: 34:592a8f1abbd1 tag: tip user: sea36 <>

    Creating a fresh clone of the repository from bitbucket and checking the history locally shows that the changeset author is correctly set. Until recently bitbucket was correctly displaying the author names, but changesets are now appearing as authored by randomly changing users! Right now the changeset just mentioned is listed as authored by 'mgee'. Earlier on it was someone else.

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