No way to delete issue comments

Issue #2183 resolved
Igor Tkach
created an issue

It looks like neither comment author nor repo administrator can delete issue comments. I was trying to edit my comment for issue and somehow ended up with a duplicate comment (it appears that edit created new comment instead of updating) and now can't delete the duplicate.

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  1. Mehmet Catalbas

    Hi Igor,

    Thanks for the report.

    Any repo writer should be able to delete issue comments. When we first deployed this feature, we thought it should only be possible to delete issue comments after marking them as spam. But if you're the comment author, the link is hidden (with the idea you never mark your issue as spam), so you can never delete it, which of course a bug. I've fixed the issue now and it should be rolled out soon.


  2. Sven Buder

    Same here. Cannot delete auto generated comments like the one appearing after editing an issue. I also suggest to remove this auto comment feature or provide a setting for to do so. If I use my issues like a todo list, then I have a lot of comments just for editing the issue oO.

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