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Issue #2212 open

Please provide hg recover via the admin page (BB-1001)

created an issue

Admin currently has strip which is dangerous.

There isn't an option for recover, which can be needed in certain cases (one of which is triggered by using strip).

There have been a couple of tickets filed here asking for recover to be run manually, but unless there's some special reason not to, it seems like recover should be a button people can push.

Comments (6)

  1. Karl Schumaker

    A button to push would be excellent; when you need an hg recover it is obvious and you know it. Waiting for a ticket to get filed, opened, and resolved (or worse, needing an hg recover on a Saturday morning), seems to be unnecessary for such a simple operation, one the poor support folks shouldn't have to be bothered by. :-)

    I just had an experience where I couldn't push all weekend (and in a small startup that's a big hassle) and could easily have fixed things myself if this button existed.

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