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Issue #2213 resolved

account main page doesn't update properly after repository renames

created an issue

== Steps ==

Visit http://bitbucket.org/indifex/transifex/fork

name: "y"

click advanced settings

fork at: specific revision: 00000000

I pushed the mainline repository from transifex into /y

visit http://bitbucket.org/timeless/y/admin and rename it to transifex

== Expected results == All pages should properly list transifex (and none should list "y")

== Actual results == The main page http://bitbucket.org/timeless does not: {{{ Repositories y (created 59 seconds ago)

transifex-broken (created 3 months ago) This repository is broken. Do not use it.

transifex-commonpool (created 2 months ago) Spelling fixes }}}

Clicking "y" takes me to the cloning page (presumably from when the initial clone was created).

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