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Nested subrepositories (BB-1004)

Martin Geisler
created an issue

A typical and quite canonical setup using subrepositories is to have the source repository embedded directly into the main repository with a {{{.hgsub}}} file like this: {{{ libs/foo = libs/foo libs/bar = libs/bar }}}

You cannot push such a repository to Bitbucket since it would require that you can clone from URLs of the form {{{<user>/<main>/<user>/<main>/libs/libfoo<user>/<main>/libs/libbar }}}

Sniffing the user agent should make it possible to support this for {{{hg clone}}}. However, it is a good question how Bitbucket should behave when people use their normal browser, i.e., where do they go to see the {{{libs/libfoo}}} repository?

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