Issue #222 resolved
Jesper Noehr created an issue

Got a few in mind:

<<milestone foo>>, will make a list of issues on that milestone and some basic statistics

<<issue foo>>, will spit out a link to the issue, with a description, last updated, number of followers

Suggestions welcome!

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  1. Jesper Noehr reporter

    Cool macros for now:

    <<<milestone milestone name>>
    <<issue issue id>>
    <<query ?query=string&here Descriptive link text here>>
    <<issues ?query=string&here count,list,compact>>
  2. Chris Rebert

    also, the issue comment field that's wiki-ish should probably document that # followed by digits is treated as an issue # reference

  3. Jesper Noehr reporter

    Added <<changeset/cset rev>>> as a macro as well, can you add it? Seems like you've added the other ones.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

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