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We would like to subscribe to BitBucket but we would like to use OpenID for auth. We are using Google Apps Premier as our OpenID provider. I'm not finding any documentation on the requirements to make this work and when I select "Google" for my OpenID provider in the login prompt the redirect does not send me to a URL that will work for Google Apps.

Can you provide details on using OpenID + GAP + BitBucket.

I would sign up for an account on the support site so that I can track this request but I don't want to cause any conflicts between new account and future OpenID-based accounts.

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  1. Charles McLaughlin
    • Log into Bitbucket
    • Click the Account link (between Repositories and Inbox)
    • Click the Google Icon
    • You'll be redirected to Google
    • Click Sign In at Google and you'll be redireted to Bitbucket
    • Next time you're at the Bitbucket sign in page click "Log in using OpenID"
    • Click the Google icon there
  2. Anonymous


    I'll test ASAP but, to be clear, the original issue appeared to be related to the difference between a "Google account" and a "Google Apps" account.

    Stay tuned...


  3. nvalentine_fluid

    This is still an issue. I've just verified with several different users that the OpenID link for Google points the user to the provider for "Google Account" and not a "Google Apps account". GAP accounts use a different provider and a different URL.

  4. Charles McLaughlin

    Thanks for the confirmation. Sorry I overlooked you were talking about Google Apps, not Google's normal OpenID service. After some quick research it seems Google Apps OpenID is non-standard. We may have to code around it.

  5. Om Vadlapatla

    Does this mean if I have an account with Google apps and I have users provisioned from that Google apps account I cannot set up a team and integration with google OpenID? I am able to set up Atlassian cloud to have google apps integration. I would like my users who are assigned to a bitbucket team repo to be recognized (authenticated) in Atlassian cloud Via google apps. In other words I want the users to be able to use Bitbucket and Atlassian cloud once they have logged into their google apps account. I was able to to this for my account by modifying my user name to be the same as my google apps e-mail which I used my google apps e-mail ID for. Please suggest how I can go about this for the rest of our org?

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